Aging: Ethnicity and Gender Issues

This book is ideal for students in the health and human service professions. It focuses on the field of aging and it examines ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation, areas that are recognized by gerontologists as critical in understanding the social and behavioral factors that influence the life course of individuals as they age. The book addresses five major ethnic groups: Asian American, African American, Arab American, Hispanic/Latino American, and Native American, and it provides a broad knowledge base of the issues, needs, concerns, and strengths of these rapidly growing older populations. This book was written by scholars from different universities, of different ages, different ethnicities, and of different disciplines, such as the fields of sociology, social work, social welfare, anthropology, criminology, and nursing.

The Men's Shed Movement: The Company of Men

Invented in Australia, the remarkable men’s shed movement has spread from the back blocks of Australia to reach a total of more than 1,400 Men’s Sheds in diverse countries on opposite sides of the world.

This book provides a fascinating, carefully evidenced and definitive story of men’s sheds for the first time. It is a book and movement whose time has come. Many nations are struggling to meet the needs and interests of men beyond the workplace. Over two decades, the men’s shed movement has mushroomed from the ground up to become a strongly networked international movement, not only in Australia, but now Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, and continental Europe.

How and why this has happened and what the evidence and research means for service providers, communities and the men in the men’s sheds movement is thoroughly explored. Lead author, Professor Barry Golding, Federation University Australia, is the respected world expert in the field, being a patron of the Australian Men’s Shed Association and the winner of the coveted Ted Donnelly Award in 2013 for his “outstanding contribution to the men’s shed movement.”